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Overhead Feed Grain Bins

 NEW 2300 CU. FT. SILO

Color Options & Vinyl Decals Available on All Equipment

NEW SUPER HEAVY 30 TON ROUND BIN HAS 3/16" BARREL AND BOTTOM CONE - It's the Heaviest Bin on the Market

HEAVYBILT Overhead Feed Grain Bins are available in capacities from 8 to 35 tons. All Overhead Feed Bins are degreased and steam cleaned prior to priming and painting to ensure an oil free/rust-free surface. Each unit is provided with a Double-Vented air flow system, Ground Control for Top Lid, Hand Rails, Ladder, and Catwalk. Dividers can be provided in most bins to allow storage of multiple feed products within the same unit.  The 8 & 12 ton bins have 4" legs and runners, the 18, 25, 30, and 35 ton bins have 6" legs and runners. All Round Bins are constructed with 10 gauge steel and all square bins are constructed with 12 gauge steel. HEAVYBILT also builds low clearance Grain Silos for Seed Storage from 1000 to 2500 bushels.

Ground Control Dumping System
Sight Windows
Wind Socks
Digital Scales

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Overhead Bin Calculator

Available BIN CONTROLS -


Overhead Feed Bins

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