Why is my Air Delivery Trailer Blowing Fuses?

In most cases your are overloading the Airlock on the Trailer. You will need to find the correct flow rate for your material (protein, corn, etc) that the airlock is able to handle. For example corn has a higher flow rate than protein pellets. You do this by slowly retracting the shutoff gate to the airlock until you are able to have a continuous flow of feed without stopping the airlock. If this still doesn’t solve the problem then there could be a short in the system.

Why will my Auger not fill the upper tube?

When the top half of the auger is raised it will connect to the bottom half of the auger tube to allow you to auger feed/grain. If you are not able to auger your material beyond the first auger tube then you will need to adjust the flighting on the top half of the auger. You do this by simply loosening the lock collar on the top side of the flighting and lower the flighting in 1/2″ increments until the auger flightings have made a connection. Once you have made a connection with the upper and lower flighting your auger will then auger feed to the upper tube.