For the past 20 years, Heavybilt Mfg has been the industry leader for portable feed storage options. Our standard Feed Buggy is gravity fed to the rear bumper and is available in 1, 2, and 4-ton sizes. All of our buggy units are manufactured with quality heavy steel frames that are mounted on the Dexter torsion axle. Each unit comes standard with an inspection platform and ladder, and with lights already installed. The option of a brake axle is available on the 2-ton buggy and the standard 4-ton has one brake axle.

If you need powered distribution options, take a look at our Auger and Blower buggy units. BOTH OPTIONS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE THROUGH A HEAVYBILT DEALER. The auger models are available as standard (requires tractor hydraulics) or self-contained option (engine and pump onboard). The self-contained unit makes feeding without a tractor possible and convenient for regular truck use. If you are needing to fill elevated feeders, such as gravity deer feeders, the Blower unit may be your preferred option. The available 3 and 4-ton blowers come with a Christianson Seed Vac system installed on our buggy. These buggies have 20’ of stainless hose and switch-operated cyclone conveniently stored on the back. This allows for quick access to fill many feeders at a rate up to 350#/min. Please contact your local dealer to inquire about these specialty units.

The new 3 ton HMI Feed Buggy features a 3 ton round hopper and delivery cone, optional bucket chute available. The new round design sets this feed buggy apart by providing a steady and easy flow. It features: Overall Heigh: 8’9″, Tire Size 235/80R16, Axle 7k torsion, Seed Vac ADS, Ladder for easy fill.